Applications addressed to the Board of Directors

Checklist for the applicants

1. Think carefully how the project fulfills Foundation's goals.

2. Draw up a free-form application, that includes the following matters:

  • subject, which the grant is applied for
  • named responsible manager of the project
  • the target group for the project
  • how the project aims to promote the objectives of the foundation
  • estimated duration of the project
  • size of the grant applied for, including all expenses
  • general plan of expenditure of the grant
  • communication plan

3. Fill this summary page based on the application.

4. Send the signed summary page and the application to Forest Foundation by mail and email at minimum two weeks before the meeting of the Board of Directors.

5. The Finnish Forest Foundation mails the funding decisions in two weeks after the meeting of the Board of Directors.


The final decision concerning the granting of funding is taken by the Board of Directors of the Finnish Forest Foundation. The Board of Directors assembles four times a year and applications arrived at least two weeks in advance of the meeting are discussed in the precise meeting. The next Board meeting will be held on 23rd March 2020

Deliver the application by email : info(at)