Applications addressed to the Board of Directors

The application period for the Finnish Forest Foundation's large grants is closed. The application period was 25 April to 31 May 2024. A new period will be held in autumn 2024.

The board of the foundation decides on large grants of more than 5,000 euros. Large grants are agreed twice a year. The focus of the spring call is science and research and forest nature projects. In the autumn application, the emphasis is on projects for children and young people and influencer communication. Both application rounds also accept other applications.


  1. First, make sure whether the planned grant project fulfills the goals of the Finnish Forest Foundation. You can find out about the foundation's goals and background HERE.
  2. Consider whether the theme of the project matches the theme of the foundation's grant application.
  3. Prepare a grant application. You can submit the application in Finnish, Swedish or English. The application is made in the grant system of the Finnish Forest Foundation. Be prepared to answer at least the following questions:
  • basic information of the project applicant
  • general description of the project
  • the project's goals in relation to Foundation's goals
  • project schedule
  • amount and budget of the applied for grant
  • the project's communication plan
  • self-assessment of the effectiveness of the project

     4. Familiarize yourself with the RELATED PARTY POLICY and take note of your commitment.

     5. Familiarize yourself with the FUNDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS and consider your commitments.

     6. Remember to send the application in the grant system by the deadline.

     7. Finnish Forest Foundation's board makes decisions on applications within a couple of weeks after the end of the application period, after which grant applicants are informed of the results as soon as possible, within a week at the latest.

Good luck with your grant application!


In the spring 2024 grant application, the emphasis is on science and research and forest nature projects.

Regarding research projects, the Finnish Forest Foundation is looking for applications especially for the following research themes:

  • ecological sustainability of forestry and wood procurement
  • forecasting the future of the forest industry
  • the environmental footprint of wood construction and wood products
  • research related to forest ownership

In addition, large grants can be awarded to projects supporting science and research:

  • projects that encourage the innovation environment in the forest sector
  • communication of forest industry-related research and dissemination of research information
  • increasing science-based dialogue

In the pilot phase of forest nature projects, the Finnish Forest Foundation hopes for diverse applications to strengthen the diversity of forest nature and climate work. Foundations is looking for a few different projects to be financed in this round of applications. Points to note regarding forest nature projects:

  • the goal of the project must be to promote the diversity of forest nature, better adaptation of forest nature to climate change or other climate benefit related to forests
  • the projects can be related to, for example, restoration, restoration of roasting slopes/eskers or groves, restoration works of streams, implementation of controlled fire movements in forests
  • in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the project, it is good to include in the project a mapping of the initial situation and the monitoring of the results/effectiveness of the project
  • a careful project plan is appreciated
  • it is advantageous if there is cooperation between several parties in the project. In this way, Foundation wants to encourage different parties to cooperate for the sake of diversity.
  • the project may have other funding, but it is not necessary
  • no individual company or landowner can receive direct financial benefit from grant activities, and for example, the implementation of restoration projects must not lead to an increase in the value of the landowner's property. Thus, for example, fertilization or afforestation projects are basically not suitable for project application.