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Sales promotion fee

Collecting voluntary sales promotion fee

The main source of financing for the Finnish Forest Foundation is the voluntary sales promotion fee, which is paid in connection with timber trade. 

The sales promotion fee is paid as follows:

  • in stumpage sales: 0,2%
  • in sales at delivered price: 0.1% of the value of the sale, with a minimum contribution of 8 EUR.

The seller and buyer of timber both contribute the same sum, so when the seller decides to contribute the fee it means that the buyer is obligated to contribute the same sum. The sales promotion fee is deductible in the taxation of timber sale proceeds.

Payment of the sales promotion fee is entered in the contract of sale. The buyer collects the fee from the seller in connection with the last trade instalment price and renders account to the Finnish Forest Foundation.

Utilize the tax deduction

See the example:
10 000 € x 0,2 % = 20 €
- tax deduction 30 %
= 14 €

For example in 10 000 euros stumpage sale the real amount of voluntary sales promotion fee is 14 euros.