About us

Role of the Forest Foundation

The Finnish Forest Foundation is the sponsor for forest owners', forest industry's and for other groups who get their livelihood from the forestry. Foundation strives to promote the interests of forestry and the forest industry and the increased use of wood and wood-based products. Finnish Forest Foundation is visible and common promoter of forest livelihood's acceptability.

Foundation's policy

To reach its goals the Foundation: 

  • increases awareness of Finnish forest industry products and innovations
  • supports communication and research that promote the increased use of wood
  • distributes information on Finnish family forestry and silviculture 

Foundation's methods:

  • support research and development work and promote public awareness of forestry and forest products
  • award grants, financial support and project funding

The Foundation does not provide financial support for the marketing of individual companies or products. 
The Foundation is a non-profit organisation and does not undertake business activities.

Good Foundation conduct

Finnish Forest Foundation is part of the Association of Finnish Foundations. Forest Foundation is committed to act transparently and to obey the good foundation conduct. 

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