Transport grants for schools

Transport grants for schools are granted for trips that have been planned in co-operation with forest professionals. It can be a trip to a forest, participation to a forest-themed day organized for schoolchildren, an industrial visit or a trip to other place related to the forest livelihood. The most important thing is that the program includes presentation of the forest livelihood, silviculture or the forest industry. The Executive director of the Finnish Forest Foundation makes the decision of transport grants.

The budget of the small grants has been used for the year 2018. Forest Foundation will process new applications again at the beginning of 2019.

Applying for the transport grant

Download the application form for the transport grants for pupils from the link down here. Fill the form carefully, sign it and ask for the forest professional to sign it as well. Scan the application and send the signed application to info(at) at minimum three weeks before the event. The Foundation will not process inadequately filled or late-arriving applications.

Report after the excursion

Reporting is a requirement for every grant. The report should fit in about one page. Please answer to following questions:

  • How did you fulfil the learning aims of the excursion?
  • How do you utilise things learned on the field trip later in the shcool work?
  • What did schoolchildren think about the trip?

No minute-schedule are needed in the report. The report can be published on the website of Finnish Forest Foundation. You can add pictures to the report, but remember to check the rights of publishing those pictures.