Funding Terms and Conditions

In their meeting on 28 November 2016, the Board of Directors of the Finnish Forest Foundation confirmed the Funding Terms and Conditions regarding grants. These Funding Terms and Conditions will from here on apply to all grants awarded by the Board of the Finnish Forest Foundation.

Funding Terms and Conditions of the Finnish Forest Foundation

The grant recipient agrees to clearly bring visibility to the Finnish Forest Foundation in the course of the project and in the project’s final product. The grant recipient must look at the Finnish Forest Foundation logos online and use them to bring visibility to the funding provider to the extent agreed upon separately. If the grant recipient does not bring visibility to the Finnish Forest Foundation as a funding provider, the Foundation has the right not to pay the final installment of the grant. If the whole sum has been paid and the condition is not complied with, the Finnish Forest Foundation has the right to recover, if needed, an amount that it deems reasonable, however at most 50 percent of the awarded grant.
The visibility and practical actions related to it will be agreed upon on a project basis after the decision to award the grant.

The grant recipient will agree to an audit possibly conducted by the Finnish Forest Foundation, regarding the issue that the funds granted by the Finnish Forest Foundation have been used to cover the costs of the respective project with appropriate accuracy. The Finnish Forest Foundation appoints the auditor and is responsible for covering the costs of the audit.