Funding Terms and Conditions

The funding terms apply to all grants awarded by the Board of Directors of the Finnish Forest Foundation.

If the project experiences delays, personnel turnover or other factors which affect its implementation, notify the Finnish Forest Foundation immediately. If the implementation of the project changes substantially, the Finnish Forest Foundation’s Board of Directors has the right to change its decision. Finnish Forest Foundation may reclaim the whole amount of the grant.

The recipient of the grant commits to ensure that the Finnish Forest Foundation is clearly visible during the project and in the final product of the project. The grant recipient shall familiarise themselves online with the Finnish Forest Foundation’s logos and use them to highlight the financier to a separately agreed extent. The Finnish Forest foundation’s logo is available for download at As the grant recipient, you will commit to communicating via social and other media that the project is funded by the Finnish Forest Foundation. Finnish Forest Foundation uses following hashtags in social media:#finnishforestfoundation 

Visibility and related practical arrangements shall be agreed on a project-specific basis after the decision to award the grant has been made between the grant recipient and the managing director of Finnish Forest Foundation. If the grant recipient does not highlight the Finnish Forest Foundation  as a financier, the foundation has the right to leave the final instalment unpaid.

As the grant recipient, you will commit to submitting a final report on the project to the Finnish Forest Foundation within one month after the project ends. The final report must include a self-evaluation of the project implementation by the project implementer. The report will be saved in the grant system. The Foundation may publish the report on its website and use it in other communications.

The grant recipient shall accept any possible audit commissioned by the Finnish Forest Foundation concerning, to an appropriate level of precision, the use of the funds awarded by the Finnish Forest Foundation for the costs of the project for which the grant was awarded. The Finnish Forest Foundation shall appoint the auditing body and be responsible for the costs of the audit.